My Gear

The gear I have at present is fairly simple however, has been proven to be quite effective.

FT-817, andft_817
LDG Z-11 Auto Tuner.
40/20 meter dipole,
End fed 10.9 length of wire with 4:1 balun
Link End Fed Half Wave Antenna
for 40/20/10 meters and Tuner
12 volt 7.2Ah seal lead acid battery (SLAB)
4S 4.2Ah LifePo4 (12.8 volts) battery
4S 2.800 LifePo4 (14.8 volts) battery
DC CC 12A 300W Step Down Converter 7-32V To 0.8-28V
Accucell 6 Balanced Battery Charger
Hi Mound straight key
Other assorted gear:battery
Head Phones
Water proof ground sheet
Various plug and leads
2 x oky straps
Pen and paper log
Time piece (set to UTC)
Toilet role (very important, just in case)
Insect repelant

Hi-Per-Mite CW Filter

The 4 States QRP Group ( put out many very good kits and one of them is the Hi-Per-Mite active audio CW filter.

Have a look at the Hi-Per-Mite kit I put together.



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