Scheyville National Park VKFF-444 Revisited

Scheyville National Park was last visited on the 25th April, 2015 and a great time was had making 43 contacts. It was not until arriving home that the realization came that to activate the park 44 contacts were required ….. missed out by one.

Click on pictures for more detail.

Some of the interesting buildings.

Some of the interesting buildings.

Old SSAR hut.

Old SSAR hut.


Well yesterday 27th June, 2015 contact was made with Rob VK4FFAB and my tail of missing out was recounted. This gave me the inspiration to return to Scheyville and get the required contact.




Squid pole & linked dipole.

Squid pole & linked dipole.

I left home about 13:20hrs local and after setting up the linked dipole 40/20 on a 7 meter squid pole, the first contact on 7.095Mhz was made with Mick VK3PMG at 13:50hrs. From that point on a total of 20 contacts were made including contacts from VK2, VK3, VK4 and VK5. An added bonus was two park to park contacts, John VK5BJE/P at Mark Oliphant CP and Rob VK4AAC/P5 at Kelly Hill CP. The location is a great spot to work from, very little RF interference with all signals very easy to copy, much better than my  home station.

The radio gear used was the FT-857 running 30 watts powered by the 100Ah battery.

The radio gear.

The radio gear.

And the shack was out the back of my trusty Nissan X-Trail.

The portable shack.

The portable shack.

Thanks to all who made contact, it was a most pleasant couple of hours spent in the sun enjoying amateur radio.

Here is the log sheet of the calls recorded.

Callsign Name Sig R Sig G
VK3PMG MICK 5/6 5/8
VK2GGA/P Barry 5/9 5/9
VK4FFAB Rob 5/5 5/9
VK2FVG Peter 5/7 5/9
VK3PF Peter 5/7 5/8
VK2IO/M Gerard 5/7 5/7
VK2NP Cliff 5/7 5/8
VK2AKA George 5/9 5/9
VK3DCU David 3/9 5/7
VK2YY Chris 5/8 5/9
VK4IL Mark 5/9 5/9
VK5FANA Adrian 5/5 5/8
VK3FQSO Amanda 5/4 5/8
VK4MAD Wayne 5/8 5/9
VK5BJE/P John 5/8 5/9
VK2LGW Luke 5/9 5/8
VK2FIAC Boyang 5/9 5/9
VK3TKK Peter 5/8 5/9
VK4AAC/P5 Rob 5/3 5/9
VK100ANZAC Ken 5/9 5/9

73,   Garry VK2GAZ / VK2YA



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1 Response to Scheyville National Park VKFF-444 Revisited

  1. vk5bje says:

    Hi Garry
    I was pleased to work Scheyville NP and get you in the log. I did not explore the park sufficiently to get away from suburban noise. I activated not to too far from the main Parks office as you drive into the Park. I might have another crack at it at the end of the year.
    I think the 100 amp hour battery would be a bit heavy for me!

    John D

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