November 2014

Another month has passed and although my intentions were to activate VK2/SY-002 that did not happen, maybe next month. It’s surprising just how quickly time gets away.

However, on a much more positive note, I did manage to make 71 SOTA contacts during the month, totaling 418 chaser points. A far better result than last month.

What surprises me the most, was I made at least one contact on nearly every day of the month. Now that means there are dedicated activators out there, bush bashing their way to mountain tops just so us chasers can claim a few more points. Their efforts are greatly appreciated by us all.

The highlight of the month for me was a contact into VK9 Lord Howe Island. It was the evening of 22Nov14 when contact was made to Wayne VK3WAM/P9 on VK9/LH-004 Malabar Hill. And to make the contact even more memorable it was CW, G599 R589 on 14.062MHz. My very first contact with Lord Howe Island in 28 years of Amateur Radio.

Well that’s all for this month, I do hope every one has a very happy and safe Christmas and we all catch up again in the New Year.

73,  Garry VK2GAZ

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1 Response to November 2014

  1. Hi Garry
    Congratulations on working VK9, a rare SOTA event from Lord Howe Island. Well done.. 🙂
    73, Andrew VK1NAM

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