September Summary

September 2014 has been a fantastic month for SOTA activity.

During the month I made 85 contacts which covered three bands 7, 10 and 14MHz, seven CW contacts, and five contacts with DX stations. They were, 2E0YYY Mike x 2, M0IML Barry, G4WSB Bill and OE9HRV Herbert.

After seven months of SOTA activity on the 21st September 2014 I finally accumulated the required 1,000 points to qualify as a SOTA Shack Sloth.

Untitled-1As you will all know, if was not for those dedicated Amateurs Radio Operators who go out week after week and activate far off hill tops, we Sloths would not exist. Many thanks to all who enabled me to gain the 1,000 points.

During the month I also had the opportunity to go camping at Corrimal on the south coast of NSW. Most evenings the dipole was set up and the new FT-857 was brought into service. Running 20 watts, many contacts were made into VK1, 2, 3, 5 and DX some SOTA ones among them.

Well that’s all for now, looking forward to many more contacts to come.

73  Garry VK2GAZ



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1 Response to September Summary

  1. Hi Garry, congratulations on the award of SOTA Shack Sloth, excellent! Great to have you in the SOTA Log, always a pleasure to catch up from a distant peak. I have fond memories of the memorable moment, working you and Gerard summit to summit (S2S) from Castle Hill, 2m 144.200 SSB. 🙂
    73, Andrew VK1NAM

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